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Here are a few words about me and the way I feel and express myself through art.
I have always been interested in art and design in many different formats. But due to events early in my childhood I wasn't able follow my enthusiasm for creative art. I am a professional engineer with the Institute of Mechanical Engineers by trade. I have the ability to design and create various concepts in my head and have used this to good effect in my engineering work creating many different types vehicle structures. But it has taken me 20years of going to various art classes around the country before having the confidence and ability to paint some of the images my imagination conjurers up. I paint in Oils, Acrylic, Watercolour and pastel; I enjoy all, using the appropriate medium for what I'm creating. My interpretation and influences on my art style, are quite varied I look at certain elements of artists that make their art distinctive, I like the way Van Gogh uses the full body of the paint to sculpt the texture to show a fluid transition from one element to another. M.C.Escher for his vision on making the illusion from two dimensional form to the three dimensional; Salvador Dali for the surrealism in creating feeling and imagery that takes on a secondary meaning; Edward Segar for the impressionistic way he created skies withsThis is what you see in this series of pictures I haven't perfected a distinctive style yet; I experiment with style, form and light. My paintings are a showcase of my interest in art and how life and our environment manages throw up images that stimulate emotion.

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