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Paintings by Cliff Vince

Welcome to Cliff Vince ART the official website of Cliff Vince. Cliff is a contemporary artist, born in the UK and living in Coventry. Cliff works in all art mediums including sculpture.

Cliff works from his studio at his home in Coventry and has a varied use of art mediums. Cliff has unique way of explaining the creation and the conceptual process of his pictures which offers us an insite into the thoughts of the artist and the methods.

Cliff has just completed a two year project to sculpt a memorial for his Mum, this is a remarkable piece of work is only the third sculpture that he has done in stone, so see his blog for the story behind this piece of work.

Also Cliff is promoting his dads work, Ray Vince works in wood to create wonderful wildlife with birds and fish, please look at the Art in Wood gallery to see a sample of his work, please contact Cliff, He will forward any correspondance to Ray.

You can see three of his sculptures at the Coventry Arts Consortium at the Herbert Art Gallery Coventry

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